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Dynamicfireworks - FireworksHere at Dynamic Fireworks we have a large stock of fireworks for sale at great prices. We also have many special offers going on, plus you often get a free piece of fireworks with your order. And of course we have fast delivery, so you get what you want quickly, so you can enjoy it. We have Spinning Wheels, Fountains, Mines, Barrages, Cakes and Candles in stock, ready for you to choose from. Our rockets are famous in the business for being extremely stable and giving you the best value for your money. And if you are looking for supplementary products we have got you covered too with Chines flying lanterns, wax processional torches, indoor fireworks and indoor ice fountains. You can order from our online store with fast delivery, or come to one of our showrooms. We have showrooms in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk.

Custom fireworks displays

At our showrooms you can get our high quality fireworks and come and talk to us about our firework displays that we have been designing for over a decade. These displays are custom make every time and can be used in events such as corporate client functions, council events and Armed Forces events up and down the country. With our displays you can get that extra wow-factor for your event, so contact us now for a special offer. We also have firework displays for weddings, civil partnerships, parties and other special occasions to make your celebrations that little bit extra special. We use the latest in digital firing technology to create the safest show possible, with unrivalled displays. Of course spectator safety is our number one priority. Our experts know everything about the pyrotechnic industry, so you receive the best products. We specialize in wedding fireworks and have been creating wedding firework displays for many years. No matter what you are looking for, with a wedding display you can create a lasting impression in the minds of your friends and family. With these displays you can celebrate your marriage in a spectacular way. We can choreograph the entire display just the way you want it, to match the style of your wedding. We can even match it to your favourite song, so you get a unique combination of sound and visuals. There are several wedding display packages to choose from:

  • Wedding Serenade
  • Wedding Bouquet
  • Wedding Celebration
  • Wedding Creation
  • Whisper Works

With the Wedding Serenade you can leave an everlasting impression on your guests with a wide array of fireworks that will surely make your night go out with a bang. A Wedding Bouquet steps it up a notch, with even more fireworks and a unique combination of barrages and rockets. The premiere package is the Wedding Celebration: here we use everything we have in our arsenal to create the most amazing show possible. Using roman candles, volleys of aerial shells and large barrage bursts everyone will remember this as the highlight of their night. And of course it is possible to customize every one of these packages, or even create your own with the Wedding Creation package. Together we create an amazing show, with the fireworks you want. Over the years we have noticed that some couples really like the visuals, but would like the mute the bangs, which is why have created the Whisper Works package. With this package you can enjoy an amazing display, but at a minimal sound level.

Buying fireworks

If you are looking to buy the highest quality fireworks for discount prices than you are at the right place here at Dynamic Fireworks. We offer only the best and have great prices plus great sales. Our barrages and cakes are high quality multi-shot fireworks that currently very popular. With just one fuse you get an amazing display and for a very low price. With our rockets you can achieve amazing height, because of the powerful motor that shoots these rockets up in the sky. There they burst out in brightly coloured stars, creating a spectacular display. You can get rockets with all sorts of different effects and in different sizes, from small rocket packs to huge display effects from just one rocket. This way you can enjoy amazing fireworks, for a very low price. We even give you all the equipment you need to safely light it. The package even comes with a preferred firing order, so you can optimally enjoy everything the package has to offer. We even have some indoor fireworks, which can safely be used in house. These ice fountains are safe to use, because they have cold sparks and produce very low smoke. This makes these pieces ideal for indoor use, for birthday cakes and the likes. But also for professional caterers, to create the ultimate presentation of your drinks in your restaurant or night club. For outside celebrations our candles, fountains and mines are the perfect choice. These create an amazing display close to the ground, are easy to set up and are very safe. So no matter what you are looking for, at Dynamics Fireworks you can get the perfect consumer fireworks or professional firework display. With amazing discounts and sales you always get the lowest possible price for your fireworks. Ordering from our website is easy and delivery is quick and cheap, so be sure to look around. And if you are looking for amazing firework displays for your wedding or special occasion you can always contact us.

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