Should I choose a Dutch Holding Company?

I feel very fortunate about where am I in my life. I have a successful, growing company based in Glasgow, in Scotland. Things are starting to look complicated though, since the British public took the unusual choice to separate themselves from the single biggest market available to a huge percentage of business based in these British isles. That has left me looking at my options. One of which seems to be to make use of a Dutch Holding Company. When I started out in business many, many years ago I would not even have considered using a Dutch Holding Company. I had never even really realised that a Dutch Holding Company could have any added value at all for my business. Maybe it could not have had until the Brexit vote. Now, however, it is something that I have to look at seriously. The trouble is that it is a complicated subject. It is not as if you can just decide one day “Ok, now I am going to go start a Dutch Holding Company” and it is arranged immediately. The laws are complex, the language barrier makes it even more difficult to arrange, and then there is the question about whether a Dutch Holding Company is even beneficial for me and for my business. That is the reason that I am looking for as much advice and wisdom as I can find.

What I know so far about starting a Dutch Holding Company

A lot of what I have learnt so far, I have learnt from Intercompany Solutions, a company which is very much specialised in helping foreign businesses to move into the Netherlands. They suggest that a Dutch Holding Company:

  • Pays very low taxes, particularly compared to the UK;
  • Has low overheads, due to the structure of a Dutch Holding Company;
  • Is easy to establish, relatively speaking.

In general, they suggest that the Netherlands is the best place for serious business to establish such an entity. Their website,, provides some of the clearest information that I have encountered so far in my search for answers. That is why I have already contacted them and had some useful, wide-ranging discussions with a friendly agent who works in their offices. I certainly know more about establishing a Dutch Holding Company than I did before I contacted them. I am, however, aware that they are also selling a product, so I hope to find more information.

What I still want to know

My main doubts, which I am not sure anybody can truly answer at this moment in time, is about the status of a Dutch Holding Company or similar entity after Brexit. At this point in time, I am as certain as I can be that my business will be better off if it is based outside of the United Kingdom, despite all the complications that this major change will bring with it. What I am far less certain of is what will happen to the British portion of our business and how it will affect our relationships with our customers at home. At the moment we are very much used to working cross-border, and we know the ins and outs of working with business and clients in the European Union, but I have no idea if the situation is going to change dramatically in the coming months and years, as Great Britain begins to separate its marketplace from that of the European Union. If anyone has any clear information about the near future, I would love to hear from you.