Looking to buy a Benahavis property?

If you’ve ever visited the town of Benahavis in the South of Spain, you know how incredibly cute it is. The narrow streets and authentic shops make it the perfect holiday destination. If you’re ever in the South of Spain, be sure to visit this town, that’s situated on the top of a hill. If you’re actually interested in buying a Benahavis property, you should check out the website of realista. This is a high class real estate agency that focuses on properties all over the South of Spain. They have many options in Benahavis and the area around it, so if you’re looking for a Benahavis property their website is the place to be. One thing you should know though, is that realista only sells luxurious homes and plots, so don’t expect to find any property below, let’s say, €300.000,-. In types of properties though, there’s plenty of choice. So wether you are looking to buy a penthouse, a regular apartment, a villa or even a huge mansion, realista has the home you’re looking for. On their website you will find the current offer of homes and plots for sale, so that you can already check out all the prices and photos. Since you don’t want to hop on a plane to go visit a place every time you see a new one you like, realista makes sure that they take many pictures of that Benahavis property. This way you already feel like you’ve seen it on the inside. When you’ve seen a few apartments you like it’s worth the risk of buying that plane ticket to go check them out in real life.

Buying a benahavis property

At realistas website you’ll find many types of luxurious homes in Spain, including that Benahavis property you were looking for. If you and your family have decided to buy it, realista is glad to advise you on how exactly to do that. The rules that apply to getting a mortgage in Spain may differ from the ones in your own country, so any advise is welcome. realista helps you by getting you in touch with the right people an advisors, so that you will be the proud owner of that amazing looking Benahavis property in no time. 

Where to buy a house in Spain?

If you’re not sure yet where to buy a house in Spain, you might want to visit some of the places yourself first. Try to spend at least a week in each city/town to see if you like the daily life there and if you can actually see yourself living there. Buying a Marbella or Benahavis property is not something you do every day, so you should be very sure of it. If you’re still orientating on the location you might as well check out all the properties for sale at realistas website. There you’ll find properties in the following places:

  • Marbella
  • Estepona
  • Malaga
  • Casares

And amongst that a few smaller towns, like that Benahavis property we discussed. realista offers homes in city centers as well as properties on the countryside and close to the beach, so whatever it is you’re looking for, realista will have your dream home for sure!