Looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands?

No matter the reason you’re looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands, Easy Start Office is your partner when it comes to starting a Dutch business without actually moving there. They have two locations: Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and on both locations you can rent both an actual working space as a so called virtual office in the Netherlands. The services they provide are designed for entrepreneurs who need an adres for their Chambre of Commerce registration, wether that’s because they don’t live in the Netherlands or because they simply don’t want to use their home adres. The second reason is the one they hear the most among Easy Start Office users. A lot of entrepreneurs who start their own business prefer not to have their home adres mentioned at their Chambre of Commerce registration. The reason for that is that is that in that case you also need to mention that same adres on your invoices, and all of your customers will be able to see exactly where you live. This makes a lot of people feel kind of uncomfortable, since that’s a private adres. When using the virtual office in the Netherlands of Easy Start office they won’t have that problem anymore. They can simply choose between one of the two prominent locations (Amsterdam or Rotterdam) and use that adres for their registration at the Chamber of Commerce, and than also on their invoices, website, business cards, etc.

Advantages of a virtual office in the Netherlands

If you’re not from Holland, but you’re orientating on opening a business here, you might also want to consider renting a so called virtual office in the Netherlands. The location of Easy Start Office can then be used as the registration adres for the Chambre of Commerce, which allows you to keep living where you currently live. Easy Start Office offers more advantages than just the use of their adres though. Depending on the package of service you pick, they provide the following:

  • A coworking space with shared pantry, canteen and terrace
  • A post forwarding service (which is actually included in every package)
  • Flexible agreements
  • A prestigious location that you can mention on your website and business cards

Also, if you’ve decided to rent that virtual office in the Netherlands at Easy Start Office, you can be online in just one day! It won’t take any longer to register and activate your registration. 

Flexible coworking space in Amsterdam

If apart from renting a virtual office in the Netherlands you also need a flexible coworking space that you can use once in a while, Easy Start Office is the place to be. Their offices are decorated in style, using the best quality office tables, ergonomic chairs and climate technology. They even have a conference room that you can use to organise meetings with your staff, wether that’s online or offline. Adding an actual workspace to your virtual office in the Netherlands is slightly more expensive than if you’d only register for being able to use the adres. It makes you look way more professional though, if you can receive your clients in an actual office, so you might want to consider this slightly more expensive package, it’ll be worth it!