in need of a usb3 camera?

Have you been in search of a proper industrial camera to work with? This may be for either pharmaceutical purposes or for machine vision applications. Nevertheless, you likely need an industrial camera with which you can do the things you want to do. One type of camera that can be used for these purposes are the industrial usb cameras. There are two types of usb cameras as well; there is the usb2 camera and the usb3 camera, but which would be more suited for you? Both cameras are available at Get Cameras, where the cameras are cheaper on average while still being of high quality. 

The usb3 camera or the usb2 camera?

You might want to know a bit more about both the usb2 and the usb3 cameras now. The two are not that different, but there are in fact some key differences that maybe make your choice much easier. 

  • Basically, the usb2.0 camera uses older technology than the usb3 camera, causing it to be dated sooner. 
  • The usb3.0 is good for when a high resolution is needed, for example with high-speed cameras. It has a bandwidth of about 400 megabytes per second, which is ten times faster than that of the usb 2.0.
  • Nowadays, most computers and developer boards have a usb 3.0 port, though generally all of the older devices certainly have a usb2 port, while they do not have a usb3 port. 
  • The usb2 camera makes use of more processing power than the usb3 camera, making it less efficient. 
  • The usb3.0 camera is more expensive than the usb2.0 camera since the first is actually the successor of the latter. This also means that the usb2 camera isn’t really being developed any further and will stay like it is now. The main focus is now being put on the usb 3 camera. So, if you have the budget for it, it is definitely a better investment to get the usb 3 camera. 

More on properties of the usb3 camera

If you have decided on the usb3 camera rather than the usb2 camera, you might want to know more about it now other than what it different from the usb 2.0 camera, because there must be some other properties too, right?  The usb3 cameras from Get Cameras can carry a lot of information and data that needs to be sent toward a computer through the usb3 cable. Therefore, it is important you use a certified usb3 cable for this. The cable length for the usb3 camera is 4.5 meters at a maximum, making it possible for you to bridge some bigger distances as well as shorter ones. For this type of camera, there is a free SDK available, with which it is possible to control and modify the parameters you use. It also contains example programs in C++ and C# as well as DotNet, allowing for an easy integration with your own software. 

So, have you now decided on what camera you will get for what you need to do with it? Then you may want to get it for the least amount of money it is available for. This is at Get Cameras. So hurry up and get your usb3 camera at Get Cameras!

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