High quality PTFE products from Hardick.

Hardick BV was founded over a hundred years ago and we have been in the PTFE business since the 1960’s. With all of those years of experience under our belt, we are definitely the right choice for you when it comes to all PTFE Products. Our main product are our PTFE coated conveyor belts. Our PTFE conveyor belts have been designed with over 100 years of experience behind it. We make the best non-sticky conveyor belts on the market today. Because of our expert team we are able to supply ptfe conveyor belts in almost any width. This makes for that our belts are being used in an extremely wide array of businesses. A lot of different fields work with our technology and we’re proud of that. It’s not without reason that Hardick BV Is the market leader in conveyor belts in Holland. That being said, we ship all around the world to any company and we do it fast. We have clients from every corner of the world and they are generally more than happy with our service. If you are interested in horizontally movement then you are interested in Hardick. We have managed to find a solution to the ancient problem of welding ptfe near invisibly. Our products are being used all around the world to optimize production processes is the car industry, the food industry and many more. With products founded on over 100 years of experience there is truly no other company like Hardick, for any type of conveyor belt. Check out our beautiful website hardickptfe.com for more information about our company and the specifics of what we produce. See you there!

Ptfe conveyor belts for every industry.

At Hardick BV we make conveyor belts for every industry. We produce and supply to your order. By keeping a large amount of semi-finished product in stock we can always react to your orders very quickly. Traditionally the production and shipping of a conveyor belt only takes three days! We think going the extra mile in the service department is very important. We are always available to answer any of the questions that you might have. With a team consisting of solely experts when it comes to PTFE, we can always help you. Besides the production of a wide range of products, we also offer emergency repair services. We are always working on new production machinery and technologies to improve the way in which our products are made. Our team of expert scientists is highly motivated to bring our clients the best we can offer, always. Our conveyor belts are of rare quality, the properties of which will blow your mind. Our PTFE conveyor belts are heat resistant up to a stunning 260 degrees celsius. up to 8000 N/ 5CM Torque. Besides this they have excellent anti-adherence properties and are chemically very resilient. This means that your conveyor belts will stay in great shape for the longest amount of time. No filthy bacteria or fungal growth on your conveyor belts! Not with Hardick produced hardware. High quality and an excellent service level is what we are all about. Come see for yourself!

For all of your ptfe needs.

We feel that being so extremely widely used speaks for itself. We have ptfe solutions for literally any industry’s problems. We work hard every day to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry and are always working on new production machines. Where the packaging industry uses our products on a large scale, and even the car industry is on board, when will you make the step? Check our website for the possibilities.