Costa del Sol property– a house in paradise

Costa del Sol stands for paradise:

  • The climate is great throughout the whole year
  • The sea is never far
  • The beaches are wonderful
  • People are friendly
  • The food is delicious
  • Houses are beautiful and affordable

Does this sound good to your ears? I bet it does. The Costa del Sol area is one of the most loved regions in Southern Spain. It is part of the autonomous region Andalusia and locals and foreigners love to live here. And you can live here too. You can buy Costa del Sol property and live in paradise. Whether you want to relocate to Costa del Sol permanently or want to have a vacation home for yourself and your family here, there are great opportunities for every wish. There are nice apartments, small holiday houses but also luxurious villas with pool and everything else you could wish for. The decision is yours, but we can help you find your perfect Costa del Sol property. We can help you live in paradise.

Costa del Sol property – a good investment case

Besides being a wonderful place to live or spending your vacations a Costa del Sol property is also a perfect investment case. The prices for property are still affordable now but they are rising. This makes it perfect for your investment. Whether for moving there or for investing, there is a great choice of different properties available, varying in price, size and location. Regarding the location there are three areas you can choose from: the western, eastern and central Costa del Sol area. Costa del Sol property in the western part is most popular and many luxurious villas are available. The central region is most developed and has many famous resorts by The eastern part is still a bit of a secret, thus a good place to live and also a good investment opportunity as it will get better known with time.

We help you to find the perfect Costa del Sol property

You might think that all of this sounds wonderful but that such property is hard to find or that the process is too complicated? But do not worry, we from Realista Quality Properties Marbella can help you find your perfect Costa del Sol property. We have over 25 years of experience in the private and investment market for Costa del Sol property. We know all the best properties on the market and know how to negotiate the price for you. We can make sure that you get the best property for the best prices and you don’t have to bother with it. Just ask us and we help you to find the best investment opportunity in Costa del Sol property. And do not worry about how much our service will cost you, because they don’t cost you anything as we are paid for our services by the seller. We can help you during the entire buying process. We can even help you with furnishing your new property and applying for Spanish permanent residency. Did you know that you can get a Spanish residency permit if you invest over 500,000€ from your own funds? And this permit does not only allow you to stay in Spain permanently but also to travel all Schengen countries without a visa. Just call us or write us a mail, tell us what you are looking for and we will take care of everything. Have you ever dreamed of living or investing in Spain? Well, then now this is your chance! We help you find the perfect Costa del Sol property – a house in paradise – for you.