Camping Netherlands

Camping Netherlands can turn into one of the most wonderful experiences if you stay on one of the Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands. Firstly, we will discuss why the Netherlands are a very enjoyable country to spend a holiday in, even though you might not think of it as a holiday destination at first. Then, we will discuss the campsites of Karaktervolle Groene Camping. Lastly, we will discuss how you can make a reservation or get in touch with us to ask a question. Firstly: the Netherlands as a holiday destination. One of the first things that spring to mind when thinking of the Netherlands must be cycling. As opposed to some other countries, the Netherlands are a country in which cycling is very common. As a result, cycling in the Netherlands is very safe and enjoyable. You can cycle through the cities, but you can also enjoy the beautiful nature while making a cycling tour. However, next to cycling there are of course lots of other things you can do while you are on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands. You can for example visit one of the bigger cities in the Netherlands, which will have plenty of shops, but also museums, pubs, restaurants and clubs. Next to this, there are also some lovely smaller towns to visit.

Find the Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands suiting you best

Now that we have discussed activities you can do while you are staying on a camping Netherlands, we will now talk about our campsite chain: the Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands. In English ‘Karaktervolle Groene Camping’ translates into Green Campsites with Personality. We have 36 campsites spread all over the Netherlands. This gives you the opportunity to choose the part of the Netherlands you are most interested in to camp in. These campsites have between 40 and 200 camp places. In all of these camp places you have a lot of privacy and the opportunity to relax, as all of the Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands are very tranquil campsites. Furthermore, all campsites of Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands have excellent facilities, for example sanitary facilities. However, some campsites have more facilities than others. For example, on some of the Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands campsites there are swimming pools, bike rentals, or even heated sanitary facilities. Do you want to stay in your own tent or camper? That is of course possible on a Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands. However, if you do not or cannot bring your own camper of tent, you can also rent very luxury facilities to spend the night in from us. You can for example rent a cabin, a mobile home, a chalet, or a furnished tent to stay in while camping Netherlands. How, then, to find the Karaktervolle Groene Camping campsite that suits you best? To do this, go to our website,, and fill in the Campsite finder. Here you can fill in the requirements you have with regard to:

  • The province you want to stay in
  • The location: do you want to have wood of water nearby?
  • Do you want to stay in your own tent or camper, or do you want to rent cabin, a chalet, a mobile home, or a furnished tent?
  • What facilities do you want to have on the pitch? Do you for example need a special kind of electricity, do you require Wi-Fi, or a water tapping point? Even a private bathroom is amongst the possibilities.
  • What central facilities do you require on the campsite? You might want to have catering facilities there, or a swimming pool or lake. Some of the Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands have a shop on the premises, or a bike rental.
  • Are you bringing children and do you want special facilities present for them as well? For example a swimming pool for children, or even an animation programme in the holidays.
  • Do you want the campsite to be suitable for campers with disabilities?
  • Are you bringing a dog?

For a complete overview of the possibilities with regard to the facilities please have a look at the website mentioned above.

Contact us through the specific website of the campsite you want to visit

We have tried to give you some information about our Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands and the possible activities to undertake during you holiday. More information about this can be found on our website. However, should you have any questions after reading the information, please contact us. Maybe you have found the campsite of your choice through the abovementioned campsite finder, or alternatively have a look at the overview of all the 36 campsites of Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands on the website. On the websites of a specific campsite, you can fill in a contact form. You have to fill in your email address and you can choose to fill in other personal details. This is so that the campsite can contact you with a response. You also fill in the question you have. The campsite will answer you as soon as possible. You can also use this form to make reservations. State the dates you want to stay on the campsite and we will look whether it is possible. Do not hesitate to contact us and we hope to welcome you on one of our campsites soon. We wish you a happy holiday at a Karaktervolle Groene Camping Netherlands!