Benefits of a disc harrow

Are you a farmer searching for the right disc harrow to cultivate your precious land? Then you should definitely have a look at the company Evers Agro. A disc harrow by Evers Agro will be your right choice, because they are experts in the field of agriculture. They offer a lot of different models, each suitable to the specific situation of the soil you want to cultivate. They are innovators in the field of agricultural machines and have successfully sold tillage tools for over 20 years. With a disc harrow form Evers Agro you are able to execute very intensive work on your land.  It saves you time, money and most of all: it will be a lot easier working the land from now on. What are the benefits of a disc harrow? Before answering this question, one has to understand what a disc harrow exactly does. After ploughing, it is used to break down soil clods and other materials that have not dissolved yet. In this way, the water can penetrate the soil easier. Secondly, it loosens up the soil if it is packed together. As said, it cultivates the land, like people used to do with a horse and plough in ancient times. This was a lot of very hard work for both human and animal. Cultivating your land has to be done though: it is the first step in growing your vegetables. Nowadays one can just put a disc harrow behind a tractor and the work will be done by the machine. The benefits of are the following:

  • chops up unwanted crops, weeds and crops remainders very easily
  • it cultivates the soil very precisely
  • adjustable to the type of soil that has to be cultivated
  • optimal fertility

In the time when this machine consisted of two parts and was horse-drawn, ploughing and further cultivating the land was a lot of work. Nowadays every disc harrow works hydraulic and is thus completely mechanical. The crops that are unwanted don’t need to be picked out by hand anymore; this goes also for unwanted seeds and the crop remainders of the previous harvest. It gives you twice the time to work the land compared with doing it by hand. Also, a disc harrow from Evers Agro works very precisely! This is very convenient if half of the land needs to be cultivated and the other half not.  The most important benefit of using a disc harrow is that the discs are adjustable to every soil type there is. The machine has two or four discs that coordinate to each other. In this way they provide the best incorporation for the best result. Whether the farmland is sand, loam or clay, each type of soil can be treated. Also the year and season are of importance: each season brings special conditions and will alter the soil. Each season offers a different condition of soil, right? You as a farmer should know this by first-hand experience.  Whatever the type, condition and season: a disc harrow can take it. Thanks to the convenient design of Evers Agro. The soil will be intensively mixed with the crop residues. This creates the optimal fertile farmland. This is the main thing every crop farmer wants: that his farmland is fertile and the crops will grow without too much work!

Buying a disc harrow

Before buying a disc harrow, you can take a look at the website of Evers Agro: Here you can find more information and see the models that they have. There is one for every kind of cultivation you need. In order to reach them, you can send an email or call them. The specific disc harrow that was described in the previous paragraph is a Vario-Disc. A Vario-Disc is the one that can take any type of farmland. It was designed by the experts and innovators of Evers Agro and is quite unique in its being. Evers Agro even got a patent on a special feature of the disc harrow. A Vario-Disc has stage less adjustment of the disc angle. The serrated discs will make the most intensive work easy and possible for any farmer.  It is the only one in the field that can work under all conditions and is therefore recommended very much! Besides this special disc harrow, Evers Agro also had other types of harrows that have a similar design, but different diameters and working widths. Take a look at the website of Evers Agro in case you are in doubt and you will be convinced of the absolute convenience of this product.

Other tillage products

Besides disc harrows, Evers Agro also offers other agricultural machines. You can even order a custom made machine for the purpose that you want it to be. For instance, they have special cultivator machines, grassland maintenance, drilling and furrow presses and slurry injectors. Contact them if you have any question, because their service is outstanding. We all know that cultivating your land takes a lot of time and multiple actions. The first part of it is also the most important: creating fertile farmland. Not only do you need good machines, but also the knowledge. Evers Agro has over 20 years of experience! By ploughing and going over it with a disc harrow, one can create the perfect soil. Your crops will grow like never before!