A quick guide to starting a business in the Netherlands

I am going to attempt to explain all of the steps involved in starting a business in the Netherlands. I want to warn you from the beginning, this guide is not going to be all that you need. This is a short, general guide. At the end I will explain the quickest, easiest and probably best method for starting a business in the Netherlands. For now, though, let us have a look at the Dutch business environment. There are several good reasons to consider starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner. The most important are:

  • Low levels of taxations;
  • Business-friendly regulations;
  • Large workforce;
  • Access to Europe.

The government there does everything that it can to make starting a business in the Netherlands both attractive and easy. They have removed many obstacles which would make the process practically or literally impossible in other countries and have attempted to simplify the steps as much as possible. Particularly those looking to run particular types of company, such as a holding company or a limited liability company, will find that they have many options in the Netherlands.

The most important requirements for starting a business in the Netherlands

Despite all of the attempts to make starting a business in the Netherlands as easy as possible there are still several steps that must be completed. Failure to complete all of these steps on time can result in significant fines. It is important that you do not follow this guide without extra knowledge, research or help as I do not want to be responsible for any new business receiving unexpected fines due to missed steps. When starting a business in the Netherlands, one of the first things that you must do is register your company with the Kamer van Koophandel, the Dutch version of the Chambers of Commerce. This is a quick, painless procedure but it must be done in person in one of their offices in the Netherlands. You must make an appointment and a small payment to register you company. Another important requirement for most types of business is to have a Dutch bank account with a minimum amount of money deposited. Again, this is theoretically a very easy requirement to meet but will often require that you personally visit a branch of the bank. You must obtain a VAT number for your business and you must ensure that you are able to complete your tax returns and similar paperwork on time, so hiring a knowledgable and experienced accountant is a must.

How to do it the easy way

As you can see, while none of these steps is especially onerous, starting a business in the Netherlands can still become complex and time consuming. There are experts out there who can make it all a lot easier for you. Dike International, for example, are a company dedicated to helping foreigners looking at starting a business in the Netherlands. According to www.setupyourdtuchcompany.com they are able to set up a company for you in the Netherlands in just 5 days. They complete all of the necessary paperwork and guarantee that you will not receive any fines relating to starting a company in the Netherlands. By the time you take into account all of the time and effort that you may put into ensuring all of the steps are completed properly, in the correct order, and on time, hiring a business such as Dike International to complete the process for you really becomes the obvious decision to make.